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{ Book Review } The Fresno Incident by Phillip R. Rettew

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The Fresno Incident

My Book Review: 
I am not usually interested in any Septermber 11 themed books, they hit to close to home, and the books are unenjoyable to read. This book was intriguing enough in the preface, for me to continue reading on. After Chapter One, I was hooked and flew through the rest of the book. 

The Fresno Incident portrays a wide variety of different peoples lives, making this book having a story within a story. It starts with Khalid and Farah, working backwards by showing you the ending of their story first. Farah is just an innocent woman who has no idea that the man she married is a terrorist who believes he is spreading the word of Allah. He is given orders from those above him to take on a mission against the Devil who resides in the United States. The goal is to stay as conspicuous as possible, so he opens a shoe store and involves himself in his community.

I was a bit on edge while reading Khalid and Farah's story just because their story is so real. The devotion to spreading the word of Allah and following orders to infiltrate our country from the inside is something that I know happens more than we are told through the media. It was hard to read just for the fact that its something that is happening today, and we are none the wiser to it.

We meet Eddie, who is a Denver restaurant/bar owner who is interested in bringing more people in to increase his sales. After meeting Sasha, he thinks she might be the answer to his needs, and she is invited along with her band to play in the bar.

Jake Lewis is a man who counsels veterans at a VA Hospital. Jake instantly finds himself interested in a girl named Sasha when he stops at place known as Eddie's. The same Eddie and Sasha as you previously read. Sasha agree's to meet Jake again at Eddie's bar but poor Jake is stood up by Sasha.

He is devastated until he learns that Sasha is missing after a terrorist attack that the media is portraying to be the most devastating attack since September 11th. Jake is concerned that Sasha may have been directly affected by the attack, but is also still unsure if she just stood him up. 

Later on, while Jake is out with his friends, he runs into Sasha but only to find that she does not remember who he is due to amnesia. But not all hope is lost because Sasha is undergoing psychotherapy to help regain her memory. Just as you think that is going to be a love story to remember, there's a counterterrorism theme running behind them that shows that the Chancellor Organization, the organization that set up Sasha's therapy sessions is really attempting to hunt down the terrorist responsible for the attack .

This is just a peek into the stories that are told throughout this book to better show you how the characters are all intertwined and everyone is affected by the decisions made by one person or organization. All the characters mentioned were somehow directly affected by the terrorist groups that became known during the 9/11 time period. Its a great mixture of fiction and an insane amount of drama.

Overall I would give this book a rating of 4/5. I would have gladly given it a 5 star rating if it weren't for the home hitting facts of what goes behind the scenes of the terrorists evil plans. I just imagine that these characters might be made up, but there are people out there that are affected because of the terrorists who have so carefully integrated themselves into our country.

I give this book 4/5
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