Saturday, October 20, 2012

Law by Ed Willis {Book Review}

This book is sectioned into three different parts, beginning with a character named Max who is going to be the test subject for a very unconventional surgery, but before you can find out what is going to happen to Max you are thrown into the next character, John who has multiple personalities. They are many personalities with many different names. 

So not only are you bouncing back and forth between Max and John, but you're also being introduced to all of John's personalities. One chapter begins with one chapter, but don't expect to be reading about that one character for very long, almost instantly as you are getting into one characters story, a new one begins at the start of anew chapter. This made it extremely hard to figure out the characters, and follow the story line with each one. 

While jumping from chapter to chapter, character to character you are also jumping through different time periods with each character. There is almost no structure to the book, it's just a bunch of chapter containing different information about the main characters but in a very bizarre format that I found too hard to follow. 

It almost seemed as if this book was written in dream format, with all information scattered, jumping from scene to scene, it felt like I was reading about a dream. 

The scattered layout was clearly the intention of Mr. Willis and I'm sure for some people this is more of a unique book full of puzzle pieces ready to be put together to form the complete picture, but for me there were too many pieces and the finished picture was unclear to me. 

I can appreciate this unusual and unique book because not many people can write in such a style, and for this I rate this book 3/5.
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