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Pure and Sinful by Killian McRae

Pure and Sinful 
By Killian McRae

Book Description:
Statistician Riona Dade knows all about probabilities. Still, even she'd tell you the chances of discovering you’re a witch, being appointed to the demon-slaying trio known as the Pure Souls, and finding yourself sinfully attracted to a catholic priest who uses amen and other four-lettered words with equal enthusiasm are pretty slim. Also learning your ex was once Hell’s first-round draft pick, and realizing you're a prize catch for Satan’s soul-damning quota leaves a girl feeling like she just won the lottery while being struck by lightning while riding a unicorn across Atlantis. 

Trying to keep her mind off role playing the Thornbirds with Father Angeletti, Riona leads the Pure Souls against a maniacal menagerie of Mephistopheles’s minions plaguing greater Boston. Giving in to lust is a direct flight to damnation for both her and the priest, leading Riona to distract herself by striking up a romance with her new, foxy neighbor, Lucy. But she can't shake her attraction to Marcello, and as the tension between them grows thicker than a lumberjack’s beard, temptation may become too difficult to resist.

How long can they deny the pull growing between them, knowing there will be Hell to pay? 
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Pure & Sinful

About the Author:
Killian McRae would tell you that she is a rather boring lass, an authoress whose characters’ lives are so much more exciting than her own. She would be right. Sadly, this sarcastic lexophile leads a rather mundane existence in the San Francisco Bay Area. She once dreamed of being the female Indiana Jones, and to that end she earned a degree in Middle Eastern History from the University of Michigan. However, when she learned that real archaeologist spend more time lovingly removing dust with toothbrushes from shards of pottery than outrunning intriguing villains with exotic accents, she decided to become a writer instead. She writes across many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, romance, and historical fiction.

Check out Killian McRae at: 
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Read an Excerpt: 

A demon horde was no laughing matter. Riona was an equal-opportunity vanquisher of scum, and each of these minions’ numbers would be called soon enough. The VIP floating somewhere in the crowd was her target, however. Her gaze scanned the room and found his Mediterranean blue peepers fixed in her direction, joined farther down his face by an irksome grin, one corner of his devilish mouth curled.

“Didn’t know it was ladies’ night,” he grumbled.

Riona flexed her hand, cracking her knuckles like a string of firecrackers. “If there’s one thing I’ve never been accused of, it’s being a lady.”
Even without his bronzed-skinned and brawny-shouldered glamour, Riona recognized Jerry from twenty paces. He wore smugness like a well-tailored shirt, and, oh, how she wanted to rip that from him and toss it to the floor. This green-skinned, yellow-freckled, damned-soul-incarnate sipping a pint of Bavarian brew was the reason she was here, after all, and the sooner she toasted his ass and sent his soul “disembodied” back to Hell and into the unloving embrace of Papa Satan, the better.

Demonstrating that he had a bit of backbone left, Jerry didn’t make a run for it. He gave her one pulse-spiking wink, and turned back to the bar. A demon who drank lager with one raised pinky off the stein would have gotten his ass kicked if he’d been any other evil minion. Not Jerry. As one of Lucifer’s top agents earthside, she’d recently come to learn, Mr. Romani had been spreading evil since before the calendar flipped to A.D. The almost unheard of longevity and ability to outmaneuver demon slayers made him a bit of a legend in these circles. The reverence gave him airs. Jerry thought himself a demon of decorum and class. Riona had always said his eccentricities made him look like a friend of Dorothy in public.

But damn it all, if he hadn’t disproven that association to her time and time again in fervent, pulsating, speak-in-tongues and curl-your-toes demonstrations of lust and pleasure against her burning flesh.

But that was before. In his magically-engineered facade, he appeared to her as a black-haired, blue-eyed, Italian-American underwear model, sleek, shiny and sinfully lustable. The glamour, and their ensuing hot and heavy relationship, all amounted to an ingenious scam. Jerry was on a mission, and it wasn’t to win her heart. Lucifer had somehow gotten a heads up that Riona was next up on the roster to be vested as the Keystone Witch of the Pure Souls, she figured.  Hell dispatched Jerry to assess her corruptibility, and feel her out (feeling her up was just a bonus). At some point, the need for the game evaporated and it nearly cost Riona her life. No one could have predicted that it would be at that particular moment that her powers would manifest, allowing her to walk through a solid wall and escape. It had to be a one in a million chance, right?
Riona actually knew. The chances stood at 3,456,783 to 1. She had been the power ball winner in the supernatural lottery.

Jerry chuckled from across the silent, tension-locked room. “Of all the bars in all the netherworlds, she has to come walking into mine.”

Riona put up a false front of confidence in her best attempts at a bluff. “Why, hello handsome. Fancy seeing you here.”

He took another swig of his beer before gently placing the bottle on the counter and pushing himself off his barstool. With a swagger that still melted her internally, despite the less than desirable exterior she now beheld, she still remembered the delectable ways in which those hips could swing. He made each step golden as he crossed the room. When they stood face to face, that unique mixture of anticipation and disgust only he could instill took up residency among the butterflies in her stomach. Despite the fact that his demon physiognomy was now clear as day, those azure discs that undid her so often during their short-term fling excited her in ways that weren’t proper for a Sunday.

“I take it you’re not here for a drink, so I can only assume this is that long overdue booty call you know you’ve been hankering for.”

Her breath went jagged as his scaly hand reached up and stroked the flushed alabaster of her cheek. She closed her eyes and tried to regain the locus of control. She would not, could not, let him get the better of her.

“What can I say?” she bantered back, opening her eyes, now brimming with code orange vigilance. “Once you go demon, it’s them that you’re needin’.”

“Cute. We should print that up on t-shirts."

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Elizabeth Barbarick's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)

Whisper's Edge by London Cole

Whisper Walker Series Book #2
Genre: Young-Adult Paranormal Dystopian
Word Count: 59k
Cover Artist: Emma Michaels

Book Description: 
Drake and Kelsie quickly discover life won't be quite the same after getting their new abilities, but they hope everything will settle into a sort of normalcy. It doesn't take long for them to realize it'snot the kind of normal they were hoping for.

WhenKelsie joins Drake for a routine Hunt, they end up stumbling upon an underground bunker that hasn't been opened in nearly a century. When they meet a far-too-friendly ghost, it should be their first indicator to leave things alone and get out of there. Never ones to resist the opportunity for excitement or mystery, they end up in a situation that could cost them dearly–threatening not only everything they've worked for, but their very lives!

Drake's world is turned upside down. A mysterious new girl seems intent on capturing his heart, but that's not all she's after.

Kelsie faces betrayal by the one she holds most dear, only to meet someone new who could change her entire existence; past, present, and future. If only she can stay alive long enough to find out the truth...

Barnes and Noble
About the Author:
London Cole is an author of Paranormal Young-Adult novels and novellas. He resides in the large and highly over-heated state of Texas, though he is not originally from there. London was born in the Pacific Northwest, growing up on an Island very near Canada. That means that he is known to slip up and occasionally use words like “ehh” and pronounce “about” like “aboot”. 

Growing up, he always wanted to write but never really knew where to start. Then he got sucked into classical music, against his will, at an early age. Unlike many, he never had imaginary friends as a child, though since he was born into a navy family, the constant moving made him a loner. It was easier to be a loner than try to make new friends all of the time. Being a loner, and having been forbidden from watching TV by his loving but sheltering mother, he turned to creating stories to entertain himself out of sheer boredom. Creating stories became a large part of his life to the point that he started narrating everything he did and conducting dialogue between multiple characters while in the shower. 

When London wasn’t writing stories, he was reading them. He went through dozens of books a month, mainly mysteries that his mom checked out from the library.

Once he got older, after high school and college, he started to take writing seriously. He became more confident in his writing, and now, here we are today.

Go Check out London Cole at: 

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BOOK TOUR Dead Hunter by Lizzie Leaf

Buy it now: 
Barnes and Noble

What is the book about? 

Finally a guy who makes her hot and he a vampire or has sex messed with her hunter sensors.

ArieAnne Hews is a trained vampire hunter out for the kill. A chance meeting with the hated beings has Arie in turmoil…these seem normal. Then enters handsome Dr. Jonas Nickels and things get really complicated.

Jonas Nickels has no desire to be involved with a mortal, but can't resist the dark-eyed beauty. Even if he is on her hit list!

Family secrets tinged with evil make an impossible path for star-crossed lovers.

Meet Lizzie T. Leaf:
Award winning author, Lizzie T. Leaf started life in Kansas, continued her growing in North Carolina, and currently shivers through the winters in Colorado.  She has numerous e-books in varying lengths and her first print book, Struck by Lightning, won dual 2007 Beacon awards, in addition to being a finalist in two other contests.

In addition, Making Christmas, a Christmas Historical novella set during the Civil War won Love Romances Café Best Historical for 2011 and is a finalist in the Aspen Gold for Best Novella. 
Beyond Magic, the first book in the Magical Love series won the 2012 Award of Excellence Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sy-Fi, and is a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Aspen Gold.  Winners are announced in mid to late October.

Since discovering the fun of writing paranormal, she plays with creating vampires, faeries and other immortals. Her current focus is the DEAD series.  Musa Publishing has re-released the first four novellas in the series and DEAD Hot, a new novella, is scheduled to release in October.  Emerging Magic, the second novel in the Magical Love series will also release in late October or early November with Passion in Print Press.

When not creating mischief for paranormal beings, she can be found exploring the other genres she wants to write.  She also serves as the 2012 President for the Heart of Denver Romance Writers.

Lizzie loves to read, spend time with her family and travel with her best friend husband during her free time, on which most of friends ask…“what free time?”

Check Lizzie out at: 

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Elizabeth Barbarick's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)

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