Sunday, October 7, 2012

Manitoulin Memories by W.J. Reeves {Book Review}

This is about Jimmy who is thirty years old now, reliving childhood experiences when he goes back to visit his vacation home. While reading this book you will bounce back and forth between the present time, and what he remembers from his experiences as a kid. 

Although he had to grow up quickly due to his mother being ill and his father drinking to be ill, he lost a lot of times that he could have continued to be a kid. Jimmy doesn't necessarily blame his parents, but reflects back on his life with them and wonders what an alternative would have been like, especially since he sees other families bonding over vacation spots like his, and wished maybe some of his memories could all be just as happy.

Reliving the past won't change anything and Jimmy is slowly coming to grips with this reality.

A boy reliving his past to find himself in present time, and traveling to a childhood home to do so is a great plot, but I found the writing style to be a bit confusing. Maybe if the author had dated each entry so when bouncing back and forth from past to present, it would be clear to the reader which time period they were reading from. It seemed more like we were living in the head of a dream Jimmy might have had, scattered pieces of the story, and it is the readers job to put them all together to fully understand the story. I give this book a 2/5.

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