Saturday, September 22, 2012

Memoirs and Madness by David Swan {Book Review}

Memoirs and Madness
13 Short Stories to Make You Blink

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Memoirs and Madness: 13 Short Stories to Make you Blink

I really think that some of these stories have a bit of the real David Swan's life intertwined into each of his stories. A nuclear blast has a man stuck in a Starbucks coffee house, a tourist takes a daring trip to India with a free and open mind, trusting people and their cultures in order to find peace. More peace is later brought to the world by aliens simply meeting with humans. There's a world that takes place in the future where attending a movie can land you in jail. Werewolves being used by the law to kill bad guys. A man dies after witnessing his wife in bed with his best friend, only to be reincarnated as their love child and becomes like a Chucky doll, attempting to kill his ex-best friend.  

That's the basics of the types of storie that David wrote, which I found to be extremely gripping and exciting. Each story had a great amount of imagination and reality that when brought together just banged out these amazing stories. Each story is a coming to find oneself kind of story, but with some amazing paths that lead the characters to their understanding of themselves. There wasn't a bad story in this book, I loved each one! 

I give this book 

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