Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ryan's Mother by Grainne Maher {Book Review}

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Ryan, at age 30, is in search of his birth mother who he has never met before. He hires Libby, a private detective in Ballyhasset, Ireland where Ryan was adopted from. That is the whole premise to the book, the search for Ryan's mother.

I do not know why Libby was written as such an annoying character. She makes judgments on Ryan's mother, assuming she knows who she is, what she is like, and whether or not she even wants to meet Ryan. Libby jumps to conclusions that make no sense to me and was constantly poking her nose in other peoples business.

Ryan and Libby seem like unrealistic characters, that would never have been in the situation in a real senario. They don't match, especially for how much time they spend together. Ryan's dialogue and description of his personality made him seem as if he was a young boy, and not a thirty year old, he even refers to his parents as Mama and Daddy.

I thought the premise of the story was boring, he's just searching for his mother? I need a bit more than that to really be hooked to a book. I'm sorry to say I found this story to be boring, too long for the premise and uneventful.
I'm sad to say I give this book 1/5
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