Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Betrayal in Brooklyn W.J. Reeves

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What is the book about?

Richard Bucceroni grew up in Brooklyn and it runs in his blood. He is the son of a Mafioso and understands living it rough and tough in New York's city life. is trying to restart his life after the murder of his family. His family was murdered and now his focus is on educating the very few willing students as a Chemistry professor.

Students bring a lot of the outside Brooklyn life into his classroom from the the One Percenters, a black gang and the Seoul Brothers, a Korean gang but Richie isn't stupid, he know's what's going on. Murder, drugs and somehow he finds himself always in the middle of things.

Luckily he has the law on his side, well kind of, his best friend Dom Mancini is the one investigating the case. Dom is particularly interested in Richie because the mysterious killer seems to be using information gained in Richie's lectures to commit murder.

What did I think of the book?

Sex, Drugs, Murder, Violence. This book has it all! Richie is a deceiving character in my mind. I picture him looking like some of my Chemistry professors, old and nerdy with oblivion to what's going on to the outside world. That's not the case with this professor, he see's all and understands the politics of the gang world. With knowledge of the street and knowledge of Chemistry he's the perfect person to understand the meaning behind these murders.

A great crime thriller that is unique enough that it stands out on my bookshelf.

I give this book

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