Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Duke Don't Dance by Richard Sharp

What is the book about?

A group of friends reunite and rehash old memories. You'll be taken back through time to understand how these friends came to be the people they are today due to growing up just after the Great Depression and during the beginning of World War II which is known as the Silent Generation. The silent generation is responsible for the music you listen to, the equality in different races, and the beginning of the sexual revolution. These were brilliant times and this book shows the changes in society and in their personal friendship.

What did I think of the book?

I could really relate to this book with similar experiences that I have had with my own parents and grandparents. The characters were relatable as well as I know friends in my life with similar characteristics and personality. I would compare this book to one of my favorite movies "The Big Chill" where a group of old friends are brought together by a tragic accident. Even though their lives have all changed and they have grown up they are still great friends that work well together.
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The Duke Don't Dance
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