Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I hate cigarettes.

I love cigarettes.

No, I hate them.

They stink all day long, its disgusting.

Oh, but the best cigarette is after sex cigarette. That first inhale after having the best orgasm of your life. Relaxing as you exhale. The nicotine intensifies that tingly feeling thats left after coming. I call that the "tingles" How can I not have my after sex cigarette?

No, you need to quit that nasty habit!

Oh, but what what about coffee. How can I drink coffee with no cigarette? They belong together. Coffee, cigarette, and a good book and I'm having a wonderful morning. I can't have coffee without a cigarette.

I wish cigarettes were made of a better plant.
A green plant.
Instead of a tobacco plant.
A much greener and stinkier plant.
I think they do less damage then the nicotine in tobacco. I mean come on, who is actually addicted to green? Nothing compared to tobacco cigarettes.

That's my conclusion. I am pro green cigarettes but not tobacco cigarettes. Good agreement indeed.

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