Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trading Secrets by Tadeusz R. Sas

What is the book about? 
This is a political suspense novel that follows along an actual event. You will follow Christian Hardaway, Geogie Mikhailovich Romonov and Julien Hardaway. Reading this book you will jump all around certain time periods ranging from the 1920's to the 1990's. Christian is an exporter of military and security resources who is being framed for a variety of crimes which all just seems like conspiracy. Julien is Christian's father and they are quite similar in personality. 

What did I think of the book? 
I found this book to be a little difficult to read. I kept having to go back to the beginning of chapters to understand when and where the chapter takes place. After researching a little of the "actual even" I found that this book is more "based" on actual events then an exact story. After reading the author's website I was able to understand his direction but I think it would make more sense after I read the book a second time. I would have liked to read this book just once and finish it but I found it took much longer to read because I was constantly re-reading parts. I enjoyed the suspense but I don't think this was a book for me. 

I give this book

Life in Death by Harlow Drake

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What is the book about?
Detective Cobb and his partner Nicolet are trying to solve the murder of a young girl in foster care named Patience Dolo. Kari Marchant who is Patience Social Worker seems to be their prime suspect for the murder. Everyone around Kari seems to be dying and it just makes sense that it might be her, including her childhood friend and co-worker Mina Steele. You won't believe who the murder is!

What did I think of the book?
What an awesome book. It wasn't very long but it kept me hooked so I pretty much read this in a few hours. Kari Marchant was an easy character to sympathize with. Her life was quite hectic and I felt like it couldn't possibly be true that she was the murder. Boy was I surprised when I found out who the killer really is. Harlow Corban uses just enough combination of humor, gore, and mystery for my taste. I recommend anyone who likes crime and mystery novels. 

I give this book 
Life in Death
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