Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eat for Joy by Srinivas Reddy

What is the book about? 

How can you enjoy food and not overeat? When you eat just for boredom, consumption or simply because we can, how can you enjoy it. You may have thought it was best to eat at every meal and even in between, but this book shows us ways that we can still live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the food we eat. Food releases endorphins in the brain that trigger happiness, which is why so many people eat for no other reason except that it's enjoyable. 
This book will go in depth on how you can enjoy your favorite foods without dieting and overeating. It explains when to eat, how to eat and when to stop eating. 

What did I think of the book?

This was a very informative read. Since I enjoy cooking so much I've always found it hard to enjoy the food I eat. The trick is to remember that food is something to be enjoyed and not just food that you shovel into your mouth for survival needs. He goes into explaining how to use techniques in the mind, the home, the kitchen and in exercise that will help you enjoy the food you eat. I tried quite a few of his techniques today and I found them actually quite useful. I know that I will be living by quite a few of his concepts. So if you find yourself not enjoying food as much as you wish you did then I believe this book is for you. 

I give this book 
3 hearts

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