Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dead With Walking (Hollows Book 1) by Kim Harrison

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison 
Hollows Book 1
Rachel Morgan is a witch and an IS runner which is basically a witch FBI.  It is her job to investigate and bring to justice black magic witches, rogue werewolves, and vampires in breach of the law. Her boss is sending her on jobs he knows is beneath her trying to convince her to quit her job. Rachel decides she can do better investigative work than this if she is self employed and quits her job. She eventually quits her job along with her co-worker Ivy who is a prized IS runner who just so happens to also be a vampire. 
No one ever leaves the IS without being able to pay for it. Since Ivy has inherited quite a bit of money she is able to cover the price for her contract. Unfortunately Rachel is not and her boss puts a death contract on her. Everyone from Pixies to Demons seems to be after Rachel.  
The IS has been trying to arrest Trent Kalamack a city councilor and successful businessman for years but have never managed to find the evidence to make the charges stick. Rachel has a tip off about Trent’s illegal activities and knows that if she can give the IS Trent they will call off her death contract. She is mixed up in doing borderline black spells to figure out how to get out of her situation while also living in a church with her new roommate Ivy. 
This book was just Okay. It was confusing and I had a hard time keeping up with the story line and picturing what was happening in my head. I wonder if Book 2 will be different. I did really like Jenks! He was so cute with his little pixy family! Let me know what you think. 

I give this book

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