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Undead and Unemployed (Book 2) by Mary Janice Davidson

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Undead and Unemployed (Undead, #2)

What is the book about? 
After being tricked into steamy hot sex with Eric Sinclair she is now the Queen of all Vampires. She still has not accepted her title as Majesty or Queen and decides she has had enough of the vampire life and goes in search of a job. After a weird encounter and the Re-employment office she finds a job at Macy's working in the shoe department. Score!

She finds that she is juggling her Queen Business along with trying to make her own income and her roommate drama. When will she learn that she can be so much happier undead and unemployed living in her new mansion with her oh so yummy hunk of King Eric Sinclair!

What did I think of the book? 
So far, Betsy is by far one of my favorite characters! She is so funny! She tries her hardest to be less vampire like, but no matter how hard she tries, she is dragged into the vampire world regardless. Eric is still trying really hard to be with her, but she still is being stubborn as ever.

Betsy is the most stubborn character I've ever read. I thought I was stubborn, but she has one up on me. I cannot wait for book #3!
I give this book

Ghosts? Or just losing my mind?

Here is my very recent ghost (if you can call it that) story. I have never believed to strongly in ghosts before this but now I am obsessed with figuring out what is out there! 

I just recently moved to North Carolina from California and our new home is just a fourth of a mile or so from a very small and very old cemetery. So far that I have seen the oldest dated headstone dates back all the way to the 1600's. They all have that typical old headstone look to them with the  uneven ground surrounding it. You know the look, the one that they they always portray in the movies. 

The weather is quickly getting colder, so in the early early mornings or at dusk in the evenings when the fog is rolling through and the cemetery is at it's creepiest, I'll usually take a walk around. Believe it or not, people are still visiting these very old graves and leaving flowers and trinkets of all sorts. It's sweet that some people will never be forgotten even generations later. 

I was recently was doing my early morning walk through with my morning cup of coffee in hand when I noticed another young man off in the distance leaving a single flower on a grave. Being respectful I did not approach or make any noise, I didn't want to distract him or give her the impression I was being nosey. I walked to a near by bench with my back to the man and sipped my coffee, reaching into my bag to find my Kindle so I could enjoy a chapter before my coffee got cold. I was so interested in my book I did not hear the man come up behind me. As soon as I noticed he was near, I put my book down. 

Grinning, I said "Good Morning." 

In response he handed my a charm bracelet. 

"I believe this is yours" he said. 

No it couldn't be charm bracelet that I had lost on my road trip out to North Carolina from California this last month. 

The last I had seen it I was in Oklahoma. I believe it fell off in one of the many hotels I was staying in throughout my travels but I was certain it was lost long before ever arriving to North Carolina. 

I examined the bracelet to make sure that this was indeed MY bracelet, and yes, sure enough there was the pyramid my father brought back from Egypt, the Korean symbol he sent to me from Korea, the ballerina slippers I got as a gift from him when I got into Pennsylvania Dance Academy. 

I looked up and asked "How?" 

Tilting his head and grinning he said in a heavy southern accent "Be more careful honey"

"Thank You" was all I could spit out. 
I was in shock. I was positive I had lost it states away over a month ago how did this man have it? How did he know it was mine? What are the chances? 

I looked down to again inspect the charms, when I looked up a moment later he was gone. 

I've always enjoyed reading paranormal books and learning about the supernatural and even imagined some of it could be true. Up until that moment I now believe that there must be something. It brought tears to my eyes to have my charm bracelet back. It holds so many memories with charms from all over the world. I would never be able to replace it and I cannot and will not ever be able to understand how it is in my possession again. 

I do not know if the man was real or not. His disappearance so quickly leads me to believe he was possibly a ghost. I cannot say for sure though. Maybe I was so lost in the having my lost charm bracelet back I had examined it for longer than I thought and he had just simply walked off. My gut tells me that's not the case. 

I have tried researching the grave that the man was at. But haven't come across anything. I will soon be making a trip to the library to get more information. Hopefully I find something out soon! 

Thanks for reading. 
-Elizabeth Barbarick

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