Saturday, April 4, 2009

Play Dough and M&M's


San Diego

This is where my memories and my life started. I love looking at this image because it reminds that happiness is still a possibility and is still in my reach. I miss the life we started. I miss the dreams we shared and thought were so close to coming true. I miss the hope. I want to be that girl you fell in love with again. Full of determination. A true dreamer.

Obsession with Antenna Ornaments

Took this photo so long ago with Nicole. I miss thy Coley. I miss our times, wandering around Fullerton finding strange things to take pictures of.

Just look at this. Who needs this many antenna ornaments?

The Very Beginning

Just created a blog. San Diego 2-17-08. The day it began. One of the very first I took that has so much meaning to Josh and I.
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